About Revonnae Natural Spa Gifts, LLC

Revonnae Natural Spa Gifts, LLC is a Black Woman-owned and -operated company and an active member of the Handcrafted Soap & Cosmetic Guild.We make and distribute handcrafted and homemade natural aromatherapy and beauty and skin care products. These personal natural skin-care and aromatherapy products contain only the finest quality and highest concentrations of natural ingredients.

Our skin care products include rich amounts of olive oil, shea butter and aloe vera. Cold-processed soaps are made with distilled water; sodium hydroxide (saponifying agent), oils, natural additives, EO and premium fragrance oils. We also make Salves, Lotions, Bath Salts, Teas, and Natural Crystallized Soy Candles. Our newest creation is a line of all-natural (child-safe, no DEET or chemicals) mosquito repellant and bite relief products.Our products are homemade in small batches with the highest quality ingredients that are not subject to the loss of valuable nutrients through mass-production. We create our products in accordance with the highest sanitation standards. We take pride in only using vegan ingredients with NO animal ingredients or animal testing. Revonnae Natural Spa Gifts, LLC is fully-serviced with crafty, customized designs. The products are handmade and handcrafted, with no outside sources involved.

We want our customers to have healthy, beautiful-looking skin and sensational aromatherapy experiences through the use of our products.

We want our customers to “ Look Good, Feel Good, and Smell Good, NATURALLY.

Available for banquets, workshops, spa events, tea-tastings, and other specials events (birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, graduations, etc.)

Wholesale for larger quantities of gift packs and individual items available per request. Fundraising, Promotional or Signature Labeling is also possible.