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"The Revonnae ‘Luxury 5’ facial soap has done wonders for my skin. I have very dry, sensitive skin and for years suffered from an eczema-like condition that caused an unattractive blotchiness on my face and neck. I tried many different facial soaps but it was only when I started using this wonderful product 3 years ago did my skin clear up. Luxury 5 has really made a difference. Nowadays I actually get complements for my clear complexion and smooth skin I even look younger. I wouldn’t use anything else!"

~ Natalie, West Hartford, CT

"When I use Revonnae's Shea Butter Salve, with or without comfrey, on my face my skin feels so soft and radiant! I use it both alone and under my make-up. I am most confident in my appearance whenever I apply it."

~ Judith S., Windsor, Connecticut

"I initially wanted to display this exquisite product on my sink as a form of decoration but decided one evening to bath with it. This soap not only is appealing but has an alluring fragrance and texture that enhanced my overall bathing experience. My skin felt moisturized, soft, and most all - CLEAN without residue.

Thanks for a product filled with natural ingredients and absent of drying and damaging chemicals. Luxury Five is without a doubt the family's choice."

~ Brenda C, Raleigh, NC

"Words cannot express the excellence of the products from REVONNAE. They are good for the face and skin. It is obvious her hands are anointed to do this service to the people. One of my husband and I favorite products is the shea butter. We keep it by the bedside, in the bathroom, in the TV room and in the car. Therefore, whether we need it on our face, our feet, our body, or guess what, our hair, it is good to have on hand. Unfortunately, it is not in every room. We also enjoy the lotion, lip gloss, candle and do not forget the soap, which is so much better than the commercial products."

~ Barbara P., Huntersville, NC

"My name is Mary and I'm a resident of Baltimore, Maryland. I am delighted to share with others my wonderful experience with the Revonnae Natural Spa Products. At 63 years of age, I find the need to pamper myself more than in my younger years. Well SHUT THE DOOR AND SHOUT GLORY HALLELUJAH!!! I found the SPA ANGEL RELIEF CREAM!!! Never has such a beauty cream suited me more. After taking my nightly shower, I smoothed on this Green Miracle Cream (Spa Angel Relief) and felt so relaxed, so relieved, so soothed, soo divine. For an instant it frightened me, BUT I GOT OVER IT. I will never stop using SPA ANGEL RELIEF CREAM....NEVER!

If that were not enough, the next evening I added to my regiment and washed my face with the ORGANIC HOMEMADE & HAND CRAFTED SHEA BUTTER & OLIVE SOAP, then I applied THE BEAUTY THERAPY FACIAL SOUFFLE ... Pink and Fluffy!!! The very next morning my face was radiant. I applied my normal moisturizer along with the FACIAL SOUFFLE, then applied my make-up..OH MY GOSH!!! I looked gorgeous....Again it frightened me....BUT I GOT OVER IT.

There are several other products (Beauty Therapy Facial Soap,Shea Butter, Goat Milk & Black Soap w/Tea Tree, the Organic Shea Butter Salve and Miracle African Shea Butter Foot Cream Therapy), that I ordered and look forward to trying later this week.

There is no question that RNSG products will live up to the quality and standard of what I have had the pleasure of experiencing with the previous fantastic products.

Thank You Revonnae for being a Blessing and producing these heavenly creations!"

~ Mary M. H., Shouting in Baltimore

"I wanted to tell you how much I love the Shea Butter Salve! I apply it to my body daily before I dry off after my shower. My skin as always left feeling soft and stays moisturized without feeling greasy. I've also started using it to treat my hair. I apply it to freshly washed hair before I apply conditioner. Then I cover the whole thing with plastic and let it do its work. An hour later, rinse my hair until the water runs clear. My hair is left moisturized and my curl pattern is more defined. I love the salve!"

~ Jonathan, New York City, NY

"Thank you so much for the sample bar of the organic cold process soap that you gave me in the pacesetters class. I put it in the shower to use when I take a bath. I have two daughters age ten and six and let me tell you they LOVE DADDY and anything he is doing or anything that he has for himself. Needless to say they got in my shower (they have their own bathroom and others to use throughout the house, but they want to always use mine) and fell in love with the soap. They would shower come get in the bed with me while I'm trying to get caught up on sports center and tell me to feel their skin.....smell their skin and so on and so forth.

Thank you for your wise recommendation of this soap and for putting an outstanding product on the market.

Keep up the good work."

~ Timothy H., Durham, NC

"Your shea butter with comfrey is wonderful product. I started using it on my face after shaving and no more razor bumps. The results are amazing! My face is smooth and soft. Best of all, my wife snuggles cheek to cheek with me. Now, my family uses it everyday, instead of the Olay body lotions." We have been using your natural soaps daily, and they leave you feeling refreshed, I would recommend them to anyone because after one use, you will feel renewed."

~ James T. W., Philadelphia, PA

“These soaps smell great! I'll be honest and say that I use them sparingly and don't really "allow" my family members to use the soap because they make my bathrooms smell so nice!! However, I will also say that the fragrance of the soaps are not overwhelming when used. They leave a subtle hint of fragrance and leave my hands feeling clean and moisturized. Another great product!”

~ Taneshia, Richmond, Virginia

“I wanted to acknowledge the successful and blessed event for which your incredible contribution of the elegant wedding party gifts and favors that blended perfectly with the theme and colors. Your tasteful richness of craftsmanship design and ornamentation was admired by the wedding director at the Columbia Convention Center, guest and exhibited a dignified gracefulness and restrained beauty for the bride and groom. The wedding planner was so impressed with the gift bags that he incorporated the presentation of the gifts into the reception program. Thank you from the proud aunt responsible for this task for the wedding. Incidentally, a host of individuals inquired of your business.”

~ Judy R., Charlotte/Mooresville, N.C.

Revonnie's craftsmanship and creativity exceeded our expectations. The pricing conformed to our budget as well. All of the recipients’ in our wedding have nothing but good comments to make about their gift bags and wedding favors. We feel will definitely be making future referrals for her products!

The gourmet handmade soap was creamy, lathered quite nicely, and had a good smell. I would buy this product again.”

~ Marie B., Bristol, CT

“I was speaking with [my friend] today & she told me how she loved the soaps & hid them from her husband so they would last longer. She mentioned her daughter in-law asked her what was she wearing & she said organic cucumber soap. It smelled so fresh.”

~ Carolyn S., Raleigh, NC

“I was really surprised my skin felt so good after the first time I used the Hyacinth Flower Organic Shea Butter & Olive Soap. I use it at night to clean my skin at night after a long day. I must admit it is wonderful. Also, my husband& I used the Luxury 5 soap. Needless to say it did not last long. We have really enjoyed the soaps and best of all they have not dried out our skin.”

~ Mary B., Garner, NC

“I am so fond of the products that you make. I am especially partial to the beauty therapy bar and the beauty therapy facial cream. I use them religiously. After washing my face with the beauty bar, I use the facial cream which is very creamy and soft. I can truly say, that at 62 years old, these products definitely keep me wrinkle free. My skin is smooth with no wrinkles. Since I started using this product, I can testify that there is a big difference in my skin texture. My skin is moisturized and smooth. I also use the cream prior to putting on my makeup. It is excellent. This is the only product that I use on my face and I am very excited about it. I love your other products such as the Angel Relief Cream for relaxing my muscles and all of the soaps that deeply cleanse while also moisturizing.”

~ R. Kitt, Bloomfield, CT

“I don't know the names of the different soaps I have purchased, but they are all fantastic! I like the soaps because they don't dry out the skin, smells heavenly, and don't melt away quickly. And, the soap colors are pretty.”

~ Linda B., Cary, NC

“This shea butter salve is an amazing product! It has a clean scent and it works! I use it daily after showering on my very dry feet, ankles, and elbows. And, this product has lasting power - a little goes a long way. Love it! Also, I have been using the lotion on my very ashy elbows and I am very pleased with the results. Just a little does a lot! I really like the lotion scent - not overpowering and blends well with my perfume. Wonderful products!”

~ Linda B., Cary, NC

“I have been extremely pleased with the Angel Relief Cream. I use it on both my knees for joint stiffness and pain. It has a clean smell and not offensive.

Two thumbs up!”

~ Linda B., Cary, NC

“I recently started using the Pear scented shea butter lotion by Revonnae Natural Spa Gifts. I was so impressed by the silky smooth feel on my hands and body. I noticed throughout the day my hands stayed moist and supple. I plan to continue to use this fine line of quality products.”

~ RMBrooks

“Rose is one of my favorite scents for lotion and candles. I like the rose hand lotion for the size that fits perfect in my purse. In Boston with dry winters it is important to have a nice smelling lotion that is made of natural products. Sometime in the winter months your hands get cuts and are tender. This lotion does not burn cuts and the shea butter heals and soothes winter hands. I like Aveda hand repair as well and consider these products to be comparable in quality, but the REVONNAE lotion is a better value."

~ Vernee P., Boston, MA

“I just wanted to officially let you know how your Spa Angel Relief Cream has helped me. Aside from the fact that the smell of the product reminds me of something grandma used to use (I wish I knew what it was), the product really works! It has helped in so many ways!! Occasionally, my legs and ankles swell. I put a little S.A.R.C. on and I immediately start to feel a sense of relief. The cooling sensation makes my legs feel better and the swelling starts to subside as well. I also use this product for minor skin irritations that I experience (eczema, heat rash). Again, this product instantly soothes the constant itching and redness. S.A.R.C. also works for relieving cramps and aching muscles. The cream is quickly absorbed by my skin and does not leave any type of greasy residue or discoloration of clothing. I love it and prefer to use this cream over any prescription or alternate over the counter product. As a matter of fact, I just opened up my last container last week and will need to get some more b/c I don't want to risk running out. This cream is nothin' but the truth!!!”

~ Taneshia, Richmond, VA

“The Organic Shea Butter Salve with Comfrey that I purchased is working wonders on my skin - especially on the scar from a previous surgery. I truly enjoy the smooth and silky feel to my skin as well as the long lasting moisture retention. My dry and rough skin that usually soak up my old lotions and creams no longer reappears after I apply the organic shea butter salve with comfrey.

Excellent shea butter salve and I look forward to trying some of your other products.”

~ Brenda C., Raleigh, NC

“I’ve found Revonnae Organic Shea Butter Salve to be the perfect cure for dry and cracking foot skin. It helps increase the moisture level on and in the skin, reducing the dryness and cracking of the heels. Before this I’ve never used Shea Butter but after having tried it I find it to be most effective in rejuvenating my feet. I highly recommend it.”

~ William F., Raleigh, NC

“I have tried the black soap on my psoriasis. There have significant improvements. My skin had dry flaky, red patches but since using the black soap my skin has become smooth and clear. Ordering more soap as soon as possible.”

~ Jannie M., High Point NC

“I used the shea butter while pregnant to assist with reducing stretch marks and keeping my skin soft and supple. I found the product to be incredibly light and helps to keep my belly smooth and stretch mark free.”

~ Jennifer B., Siler City, NC

“Thank you for providing such wonderful products. My favorites are the Luxury Bar and the Shea Butter Body Cream, because of a medical condition my medications cause an increase dryness to my skin, the discomfort is reduced when I use these products, "Great stuff"

~ M.P. Haynes, Charlottesville, Virginia

“I have been using Revonnae Shae Butter Salve for the past year and it has done wonders for the scar I have on my leg. It is extremely soothing and moisturizing for any parts of your body that are dry and difficult to soothe. I urge anyone who has dry skin to take a moment and try the Shae Butter Salve to moisturize your flakey, dry skin. I use it on a daily basis on my scar and several other dry areas on my body. I did and I have seen excellent results. I would like to thank Revonnie for allowing me to use this product that has created excellent results for my skin. May you continue with your success.

I purchased Revonnae's Homemade & Hand Crafted Shea Butter for the first time last week. After the first usage, I was overwhelmed with the product. My face was radiant and soft. My skin felt fresh and clean. My daughter in-law made a comment about the fragrance, which lasted for a long time. I will tell others about this great soap and will definite give it as a gift to my family and friends”.

~ Carolyn Sapp, Raleigh, NC

“The Revonnae Oatmeal Honey Goat Milk soap smells mild, natural and clean in the shower. The size of the bar is perfect for being held in one hand and it moisturizes skin. I like the textured cut look of the soaps that highlight the fact that time and care are put into making a quality handmade product. The bumpy soap surface can give a mini-messaging affect on a soar back or tired feet.

~ Vernee P. , Boston, MA

“I wanted to let you know that I am truly thankful for you giving me your products to try. I can honestly say that your handmade soap and shea butter have improved the look and feel of my skin. After the car accident, my skin was extremely dry and flaky. Almost immediately after using your products, my skin began to rejuvenate-layers of dead skin were removed and new moisturized skin emerged. I love the smell of the products and look forward to using them everyday. Because I know they're all natural and full of beneficial ingredients, I can use them generously with confidence. Thank you for creating such wonderful natural products that deliver great results on the skin.”

~ Kimara , Columbia, SC

“I cannot overly express my satisfaction and jubilation with Revonnae's Shea Butter Salve. It makes my skin feel good. My wife has notice the difference.”

~ Terence K. L., Apex, N.C.

“The Christmas Holiday Candle had such a pleasant odor burning which was reminiscent of the season. The candy cane holder with the lid was just delightful!”

~ Linda Bailey, Cary, NC