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My name is Revonnie Haynes and I started Revonnae Natural Spa Gifts, LLC in 2005 as a way to share my lifelong passion.

Growing up in North Carolina, I was always fascinated by my mother’s old-time remedies and concoctions. She would make things like lye soaps and share them with family and friends. At a very young age I started reading about the benefits of various ingredients before doctoring store-bought products into custom creations that made me look, smell and feel great. I moved to Connecticut for work and casually began sharing my products with friends and colleagues. Before long I started receiving requests just like my mother.
After my retirement as a high school guidance counselor, I returned to North Carolina where I found myself wanting to pursue something totally different than my previous career but that would bring me just as much satisfaction. I attended bath-and-body and soap-making classes in California, New York, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and Connecticut where I learned to formulate my own recipes.

Soon REVONNAE Natural Spa Gifts was born. The name is derived from the combination of my twin sister’s name – RAvonnie and my name - REvonnie.

I returned to North Carolina in 2009 and started attending meet-ups for entrepreneurs as way to meet peers and acquire industry knowledge. I attended tea-making classes where I expanded my operations to include a variety of hand-blended teas. I attended business classes and webinars where I refined by business acumen and developed a plan to take Revonnae Natural Spa Gifts LLC to the next level. I attended an intensive tea education training program in Indiana and found a local business expert who serves as my mentor in tea-making.

A lifelong student, I find the constant learning process almost as rewarding as the joy and inspiration my products bring to my customers. I hope you enjoy your Revonnae products and that you’ll spread the word about my work.

Here’s to looking good, smelling good, and feeling good…naturally.