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Specialty Soaps Gift Pak
Specialty Soaps Gift Pak

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Our Price: $26.00

Product Code: SP-SOAPS

The Specialty Soaps Gift Pak consists of 4 popular specialty soaps that are available separately, totaling $25.00. Save $5.00 by purchasing the Specialty Soaps Gift Pak which includes.

The Aloe Vera Soap- This is a luxury bar with Aloe Vera, a well known succulent especially for soothing sunburned skin, excellent for itchy skin and is anti-inflammatory. It naturally and mildly cleanses, moisturizes and leaves skin soft and smooth. Revonnae Aloe Vera Soap is non-drying and gives a soft and supple feel to the skin. The addition of vitamin E makes it a wonderful facial bar or a special spa body soap.
Price 4 oz. Bar $7.00
The Acne Therapy Soap- Organic Shea Butter, Goat Milk, Oatmeal, Eucalyptus,Tea Tree, Select Vegetable Oils & other Premium Essential Oils. This soap is mild & incredibly good for your skin but especially great for dry, acne, bumps, spots, eczema or sensitive skin,. Reveals radiant, & healthy skin with regular use. Ingredients in this soap are known to be beneficial for dry, acne, eczema or sensitive skin with regular use. Great for relief & soothing mosquito bites too.
Price 4 oz. Bar $7.00
The Eczema Therapy Soap is formulated, handmade and customized with special ingredients that are known to be beneficial for dry, acne, eczema or sensitive skin with regular use. Mild & incredibly emollient-rich for your skin but especially great for eczema, dry, itchy, flaky or sensitive skin. Price 4 oz. Bar $7.00
The Oil of Revonnae Beauty Therapy Facial Soap especially created with ingredients that have properties known to beautify the skin, deeply penetrate, moisture and repair skin damage. Shea Butter is known to protect the skin from the wind and sun. Wheat Germ, Aloe Vera, Vitamins A & E , fights free radical, helps in healing blemishes and along with Argan, Walnut and Avocado oils, known to reduce wrinkles. This Specialty soap was created to help regenerate aging skin, as well as, repair damaged or problem skin with regular use.

Price 4 oz. Bar $26.00